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ideflasher: new series
new ideflasher RevF
"Firefighter: The IDE-Flasher tool helps you to handle 'scorched' BIOSes, even there is no free PCI or ISA slot available in secondary computer."
review from c't 11/2002 (german computer magazine)

important notice:

!!! It is not recommended to use low voltage, LPC or FHW flash ROMs with IDE-Flasher without voltage adaption. It does not work. Destruction of flash ROM is thinkable. In case of doubt do not insert low voltage flash ROMs into any socket of the IDE-Flasher board. Some manufacturers give hints. Letters like LV,LF,LE or VE (eg. 39LV020) may lead to a low voltage flash ROM.


coming next: reorder discussion board

2005/01/24 from now on ordering is SSL-encrypted

2004/03/14 new ZIF socket and ZIF-DIP32 adapter

2004/01/28 The new german manual is ready to download. The english version is coming soon :-)

2003/06/01 delivery of new ideflasher series

2003/05/17 new HTML layout

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